Joy (cithra) wrote,

compulsive reader/print junkie: an illustration

Last night, grouchychris and I stopped by his and amnotsurly's place of employ to deliver some cake. As we walked in the big double doors, I noticed several laser-printer signs posted. Two of these, one on each door, said "Employees only" in big bold letters - so I said "I'll just temporarily dub myself an employee." This statement was met with amused incomprehension. "Because of the signs," I said. "What signs?" came the reply. "The signs on the door saying 'Employees only'," I said. Chris scoffed - there were no signs that he had seen.

So we delivered our delivery, and raised the appropriate amount of havoc and chaos - then on the way out, I pointed out the postings in question. He'd not seen them, truly. Where as I, on the other hand, couldn't not see them. What's more, see them and feel compelled on some level to comply - hence my self-assignment as a temporary employee.

We had an interesting conversation then, about the point and purpose of similar signage. Apparently such things exist so that when people question something of a policy nature, an employee can point at the sign and say "It's policy, see?" Kind of a CYA operation. No-one (said Chris) reads all the signs in an establishment when they come in to do business, as anyone who has worked in retail is well aware. Well, yes - I've done enough retail-esque volunteering to know that people don't read signs, but I wasn't really aware that people posted signage to cover themselves despite this tendency. I just figured the posters were hoping that some percentage of the population would do the reading and save them the trouble of pointing out the obvious. Apparently that percentage is very tiny, and probably consists of McJulie and myself.

I guess it is similar to how it took me until sometime in the first or second grade to realize that people couldn't just naturally read. I didn't remember being taught how to read, it simply seemed as though I always had, so I thought it was something you just picked up, like speaking. I couldn't understand what the fuss was...

Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm a freak. Really, after 35 years or so, I'm used to it.

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