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Breakfast at Cyclops, then out to the Highland Games. No doubt in my mind that Scottish is the dominant strain in my ethnic background - phenotypically I could have been at a family reunion. In fact, I did see someone who reminded me enough of one of my cousins that I almost went over and said something to him. It's a long way to come from Utah, though.

Lots of booths, some from the clan organizations, some from vendors. I bought a couple of Drummond items, we watched some of the dog trials, there were pipers galore... It was very warm, though, and after a couple of hours I was feeling kind of out of it. There were some vendor booths and a stage area with a beer garden inside buildings out of the heat, so we sat for a bit watching some of the performers. Those of us who were heading back into down decided we should go before we melted down completely...

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