Joy (cithra) wrote,

loose on the world again

I suppose it's what I get for going on and on about how wonderful the folks out at the UWMC are - and for the most part that remains true.

The guy I saw this morning (since my surgeon wasn't available) for my follow-up appointment was really cursory - didn't give me a chance to ask the questions I had, didn't give me a chance to request the letter I needed for work (so I can get advanced sick leave instead of leave without pay for the last week or so - I'm sure my landlord will be appreciative) - stuck his nose in the door while I was still talking to the student intern, gave my abdomen a couple of prods, and *poof* was gone.

Fortunately (or not, as the case may be) I grabbed a comment card on the way out, and have no compunction about sharing my opinion.

I still think they're pretty damn wonderful there, especially compared to the treatment I got at Providence when I broke my ankle. As in, they didn't notice I'd broken my ankle until someone was going over the films again before filing them the next day...

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