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we're mathematicians - we don't have to be precise

Sharkins stopped by on her way into town and regaled me with MAT stories for the last couple of hours. Sounds like she's having a kick-ass time; "math nerd summer camp", she called it. It's another intensive 6 week session, like Clarion West - it's interesting to compare what she says with the reports of rimrunner. Similar community-forging dynamic.

Today's accomplishments also include: painting myself into a corner in my C homework, doing some outlining, and entirely failing to watch Wild Wild West.

It's rare for me to find a movie completely unwatchable, especially for no reason I can put my finger on, but there you go.

After walking out to meet Sharkins at the back gate, I am a little sore. This concerns me a trifle since it is not that far... I'll have to start taking the cane along simply to slow myself down. So it's painkillers and bed time for me, it seems.

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