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Take that, foul baggage of my past! One loaf of cranberry-orange bread later...

Verdict: not too bad. I like the fact that it is not overly sweet. It seems a little denser than many similar items, but that's not a bad thing necessarily. I hope it is as good when it has cooled completely.

It appears my oven does indeed function at the temperature advertised, always a plus in these things. There you go, Joy - you can still adequately prepare a box of X. Just like falling off a bike - these sorts of skills only become rusty, they never truly disappear. Well, and gravity helps too - but I digress.

Oooh, maybe tomorrow I'll be really brave and scramble one of the remaining eggs. I don't know though, that might be moving a little too fast...

[you know, it's a damn good thing I amuse myself as much as I do. I feel sorry for the rest of you poor folks...]

A thousand blessings on the heads of rwx who suggested the mix, and faintheart who was kind enough to procure it.

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