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Tomb Raider: the movie

I was more entertained by this than I expected to be, but I'm still glad I didn't spend theatre prices on it. Not to mention that I got more of a kick out of watching Angelina Jolie going through guns/automatic weapons training in the "making of" segment of the DVD than I did out of the entire movie itself...

Actually on the whole I liked the "extras" almost more than the film. One thing that entertained me was the inclusion of several scenes that were cut - because there wasn't a one of them that didn't desperately need to have been cut! So all hail to the editor(s) on the project. The U2 video was cutely tongue-in-cheek as well.

I think I may have missed important references (not to be confused with nuances, here) due to never having played the actual games - but things were pretty clear, even so. Lots of John Woo/Chow Yun Fat hommage, a nod or three to Ray Harryhausen, some decent FX, and much more of a plot line than I'd ever anticipated.

Oh, and the thing that motivated me to post in the first place: even-handedness in the gratuitous shower scene department! We are treated both Alex West and Lara Croft conducting their toilet - saved from anything beyond a PG-13 by a conveniently placed table-top and a towel, respectively.

Most delightful surprise: Chris(topher) Barrie playing Hillary the butler. And damn didn't I want to look for a silver "H" on his forehead after I heard the character's name. Heh.

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