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death to teasers!

If I find one more FAQ/help files web page blazoned with 'coming soon' or 'details later' or 'there's nothing here yet' there will be blood in the streets. This is not helpful information. This is not the answer to a frequently asked question. This is the excuse of a lazy webmaster who doesn't want to have to maintain both a release copy and a working copy of the site and so combines the two, leaving the placeholders obscenely dangling around in public. If you're not ready to post the FAQ list, don't build the thrice-cursed link! Best of all worlds would be no mention until you've got the list live and functional; if you must have some sort of public indication that you plan to have a FAQ but haven't gotten your act together yet, make the link inactive. For the love of whatever you consider holy, don't be sending me to an empty page with some nonsense about how you plan to eventually pull things together, right after you fight your way out of that wet paper bag with both ends open.

Meanwhile, back in San Francisco, my question STILL lacks an answer, frequently asked or no. Sigh.

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