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Rigged: An exhibition of art that is up in the air.

The Shipyard and Qbox are having an airborne art show
sometime next October at The Shipyard in Berkeley. The
notion is art that is somehow, by some means, and by some
interest, executed up off of the ground and in the air. It
might hang from rigging lines between containers, it might
stand on tall sticks, it might levitate on high voltage
capacitors. We don't care. The only rule is that it can't
touch the ground. The audience will also likely be off the
ground, maybe craned in from above, or elevated on rickety
bamboo scaffolding- we really don't know right now. This is
just the call for proposals.

This is your warning that you have 3 months to concoct
appropriate devices/objects/performances/ideas. It might be
a mechanical creature on a cable. It might be a butoh
performance on the sides of the containers. It might be a
sound installation of full yard harmonic interest. It might
be zip line trick or self-propelled conveyance you have been
"dying" to try out. We've heard rumors of plans to build a
suspension bridge across "the container gap" and the notion
of container top roller coaster. Flocks of autonomous ice
birds are also rumored to be in the works. Or in other
words, propose whatever you like, we'll likely say "yes".
We can't give any money pre show for your efforts, but we
will divide most of the door between those who make things.

This event will be part of Qbox's Mechanical, Kinetic and
Electronic Arts Festival this October at venues throughout
the Bay Area.

FFI: Charlie Gadeken ( or
Jim Mason (

I have a trilogy of plays that fit the criteria for this project. When I wrote them (after I dreamed them) I never imagined the opportunity to stage them would arise independently of me agitating for their production. What I don't have is the next three months free to pull the whole thing together even just to stage one of the three - how many actors do you know who qualify as "proficient on monkey bars"? Still, it is fascinating and inspiring that an appropriate call for proposals exists.

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