Joy (cithra) wrote,

TwitchCon ahoy

[...and that is my one concession to talk like a pirate day because in my world pirates tend to say things like "give me your valuables without a fuss and I might not shoot you" or "shoot them anyway"]

Decided to attend TwitchCon in San Diego for my birthday because the London trip wasn't going to work out. I won't call it an acid test but I think after I come back I'll know a lot more about what sort of streaming I want to continue to do. More than one time it has been suggested that the readings I currently do might be a better fit on YouTube... which amuses me because the coffee roasting streams I've done are on YouTube and not Twitch due to a foible of the software I've been using. What kind of introvert streams? That's one question I keep asking myself, along with wondering if this isn't another thing that sounds really cool in my head but in the real world isn't something I'm suited for in temperament. More research is needed, ergo this trip.

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