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random thoughts & outliers - Terrafactive Armageddon

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August 3rd, 2014

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09:03 am - random thoughts & outliers
Doing GISHWHES again this year, and the big event meet-up is here in Seattle. I'm nervous but looking forward to participating.

I was thinking last night while ushering at the Uptown that we are social primates, watching the crowd behavior. IDGHP can miss the sign on the door that says "push here" - because that door's hinges are not on the 'expected' side, so everyone always tries pushing on the side with the hinges. Although I have to admit that I do it too, and I not only read the sign, but I read it over and over while standing there watching people use (or fail to use) the door. So when I say I don't get how people fail to heed the sign, I'm including myself in "people" at least.

I don't get how people do a lot of stuff. Most of it is probably a perspective thing like the door. IDGHP keep their hair out of their faces, or from falling out of the hair clips - but that's probably more a problem with the fineness of my hair than anything. IDGHP drink coffee that is so hot it burns; half of why I put cream in my coffee is to cool it to a temperature where I don't feel like I'm scalding my mouth. IDGHP eat as much siracha as they do, or those hot peppers that make you break into an instant sweat. Perhaps I simply have delicate mucous membranes. And IDGHP do things like eat hot peppers and review video games - a la Hot Pepper Gaming either.

Alright, enough boggling. Time to go put a bowl of fruit on a hat. IDGHP lived before glue guns.

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