Joy (cithra) wrote,

The wild kingdom in my bath

Day before yesterday I was menaced after my shower by a giant spider. I screamed, ran, came back, stared at it balefully, went and collected a water glass, trapped it (barely) and hyperventilated. Then got some cardstock and took it outside.

It was too big for me to kill; I don't normally like to kill spiders anyway but the fear thing is atavistic and gets to me. This one was big enough that I was afraid to maim it, and more afraid of the noise I thought killing it would make.

Yes, we took pictures to document. I will put a cut because it is a photo that would startle me unpleasantly. I still don't enjoy looking at it. YMMV.
spider in glass
The text on the paper under the glass is 14 point or so, for comparison.

It was big enough I was pretty proud of myself afterward. I have a strong intellectual appreciation for spiders, but really prefer them to stay outside.
Tags: fear, handling this well

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