Joy (cithra) wrote,

haring off into bad design land, again

I had been planning to jump to the iPhone when I get a new phone this fall, but after being forced to pastelize my iPad with the "update" of iOS7 and the ensuing loathing, unless there are some major interface changes ASAP it isn't going to happen. Or maybe I'll go with the old 4 or 4S, something that they will allow to run the prior operating system. I find the new version ugly and unpleasant to use, but the most annoying bit is they won't let you go back to iOS6. Why repeatedly harass me about backing the system up before upgrading if I can't undo the upgrade?

The one thing is I am not alone, so maybe there will be enough pressure to change things. Guys, when they talk about killer app, I don't think this is what they mean.
Tags: computer, get off my interlawn, trying new things

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