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Some friends and I were chatting this morning about social media, and we decided to stage our own personal LJ revival. So here I am posting in an effort to participate, remind myself to participate, and to kick things off.

I confess a fondness for LJ over some other forms of SM (heh) not just because I am old and crotchety - I'll be 47 in a couple of weeks, and I have earned every last one of my grey hairs, dammit - but because it is focused on text. I love how creative people get over on Tumblr with the gif sets, and I understand the impact of images, but I came to the net when ASCII graphics were the height of endeavor. In some ways graphics still mystify me, though I have enjoyed making my peace.

Even before that I was a reader, and even a texter. When we were in Junior High School my brother and I had an in-house proto-BBS where we would take turns typing on a sheet of paper left in my mother's electric typewriter. I would type a line or three, then leave. He'd stop by and type a line or three in reply. I was the Grand Galactic Empress of the Universe (as you can see I have always loathed hyperbole) and he was the Captain of my Guard. There was romance, and intrigue, and general space-operatic silliness. It was wonderful. So essentially we were texting each other a collaborative story before texting was invented - as this was back when we had a rotary telephone and the radio-cellular handset my friend's father had (he worked for AT&T) was as big as my head.

So. I remember loving finding Live Journal because it meant Other People Who Wrote! Who weren't afraid of writing, who liked complete sentences, who wouldn't mock my vocabulary, who if anything were stronger sticklers for grammar than I. I still think that sort of thing is worth while, and I still value the connections here.

I'll try to be louder, more often.

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