Joy (cithra) wrote,

less words, more happy

I'm not sure what it is that keeps me from writing when I am doing well, or pleased with myself. Yes, a certain tendency not to want to jinx things is in evidence; also see 'coping mechanism' and when such things come into play.

Still, a couple of milestones: first, my year sober anniversary was 21 August 2013. From this side it seems both like an incredibly long and short time span. Now I have to find which box currently holds/hides the tattoo flash art that I had Ben draw for me, so I can see about getting that done, as I had promised myself I wouldn't get any further tattoos until I had a year sober. By the time I hunt it up I may have actually saved enough cash for it and found myself an artist. I wish the 800-Junk people had a sorting service to go with their haulage offerings, sometimes.

Second: GISHWHES. The Greatest Internet Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. A week of chaos and mayhem and delight. I cut off my hair and made a wig. I claimed the Internet. I wrote a press release for a cult. I met some really cool people online; some of them are coming to visit in person next week. In general you can peruse the archives of the Accidental Army at our Imgur and YouTube pages. (There are items from last year (before my time) available to look at as well.)

Still don't know what for about my housing, still dealing with depression and social anxiety, still trying to dance with words. Pretty happy on most fronts, though. More, as always, as it happens.
Tags: gishwhes, mental health, only the good things, recovery

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