Joy (cithra) wrote,

I think there was a week in there somewhere.

More than one, probably. I am just getting over doing something or having something done to my back - essentially a perfect storm of PMS, stress, fatigue and random wtf-ery, from which I was in a significant amount of pain for essentially a week solid - it is slowly, finally, getting a little better. The elder of our two cats, Puc, reached the point where I chose euthanasia. Lucy as a consequence is demanding lots more attention. We got a letter from our landlord that the rent will be rising to beyond my means in August, so my housing is in jeopardy. I still have crap I am trying to muster the general wherewithal to deal with in terms of my mother's estate, and no, I have not managed to file my taxes either. I wouldn't say I feel depressed but I am certainly acting it, in that I am managing to get by and that is about it. I have no extra for any of the extra things I am supposed to be getting taken care of, and frankly I lack either energy or grace to care. It will get done when it gets done. If.

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