Joy (cithra) wrote,

Social media housekeeping

I couldn't come up with a clever title that didn't also sound vaguely disturbing, so I gave up and went with blandly informative. I can feel my brain rusting sometimes...

I am in the (14 day!) process of deleting my Facebook account. I have had trouble there over the last few updates with settings or algorithms or something, and for some time my stream has been nothing but ads and trivia, no matter who I put on my super-special-friends list or tweak my privacy options. The last straw was trying to access a friend's post about her SIFF schedule (waves at celyn100) and being unable to find it. Too much noise, not enough signal, and if I can't use it to keep in contact with people I have no use for it.

I have a Tumblr where I mostly favorite/reblog at the moment, as I enjoy other people's pretty pictures and gifs but find my creativity leans more toward text (when it hasn't simply fallen over and refused to get up). I am @cithra on Twitter. Seriously, I am cithra in one form or another pretty much everywhere online, since it is a name I made up years ago, for a cat. Google+ believes in "real names" (which makes me laugh mostly because they have some odd ideas about what constitutes same, but has been less than funny to several friends of mine) so there I am found under the things my parents called me at my birth. I am on Goodreads as well, for the nonce.

And here of course, although I have been mostly lurking of late. I feel very at-loose-ends of late in terms of online presence. I am enjoying all the twitter interactions with Rainforest folks. As a poet, I find 140 chars to be pretty sufficient. I don't always feel like I am holding up my end of the conversation elsewhere. Google seems to be working fairly hard to engineer its interfaces out of my usability range, but I haven't retired to the front porch with my rocker quite yet.

Right, time for more coffee. Back to the cat pics!

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