Joy (cithra) wrote,

Thursday, again?? Oh, okay.

I promised a link to Cat Rambo's story Soft last week, and I am trying to be better about following up on things like that. It's worth popping over for a read.

I am at the moment temporarily in Tacoma, cat-sitting for a few days, in what is close to being the Best House Ever. About the only thing keeping it from being the absolute Best House Ever is its age, but since that is part of what gives it the charm it has, it is hard to complain. It is beautiful and lived in and loved in, with the sort of decor that no matter where your eye comes to rest there is something charming, a small picture or an instrument or a piece of calligraphy. A very welcoming place, I'm happy to get to stay here for a while.

I have writing plans, and possibly exploring Tacoma plans, depending on how adventurous I feel.
Tags: trying new things, words

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