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what goes on around here - Rainforest friends edition

Lascaux Flash has selected the winners in the contest I entered, and the Gold Medal goes to fellow Rainforest writer Camille Griep. Her story Circumstances is far bigger than its 250 words, and well deserves the honor. As for me, it was a win that I managed to screw up my courage and submit a story out into the wild where people at large could read and possibly comment on it. Win/win! Would do (okay, will do) again!

Daily Science Fiction today posted for public view the bittersweet Shadow Play by Liz Argall. I signed up with DSF to get access to this story just a day too late, so I have been waiting for the public release for a week. It's worth the wait. Also I am quite enjoying the daily DSF deliveries, so I'm pleased to have connected with them. Thanks, Liz, for pointing them out! Today's story "Soft" - which goes public in a week so I can't link to it yet - is by my flash fiction teacher Cat Rambo, and is another lovely one.

Otherwise I've been working on my social anxiety homework with my pshrink, reading books, and reading more books. I started several that I purchased at the retreat, then had seven(!!) library reserves come in, so if you look at my Goodreads list I definitely haven't abandoned Emerald City Dreamer by Luna Lindsey, in particular, but I feel like I owe the library books my attention because there are other people waiting for them after me. Fortunately I read quite rapidly, and have time to do it.

Speaking of Goodreads, I found out to my dismay this morning that they have been bought by Amazon. I'm a little more neutral toward the big A than some people, but a big reason I chose Goodreads as one of my pillars and places to patronize was its independence from any particular publisher or retailer. That's gone now, and while I don't blame the former owners of the site for cashing out, it always makes me a little dismayed to see the independents taken over. Moreso when I recall the various difficulties I have experienced with posting reviews on Amazon, and the things I have heard about their changing review policies wrt authors and what they are allowed to post. It isn't a can of worms I am intimate with, so I refuse to opine in depth. Still, my heart sank at the news and I find myself wondering how things will play out, and how much longer I will be comfortable using Goodreads as a major portion of my online presence, let alone as a private reference list. I wonder what LibraryThing is up to these days? I stopped using that so much when I had to sell the majority of my collection, since at the time there wasn't much provision for tracking books you didn't own but had read in borrowed copy. Maybe that has changed...
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