Joy (cithra) wrote,

Back from the Rainforest Writers Village

What, you'd not noticed I'd gone? Eh, well.

I got quite a bit done. My goal was to finish up revising and submit the story I was working on for the Stella Kupferberg Memorial Short Story Prize, which I did. On the first day, even, so then I was flailing around at a bit of a loss. I kept up my 750 words even though I arranged for time off due to internet spottiness. I listened to great advice in the organized talks and in the general interactions, and made some new friends.

I managed to stay sober! Thanks to Ted for moral support and to the general retreat membership in forgiving my non-presence at night. I got a good deal of use out of the cabin's jetted tub and bath products from LUSH, slept pretty well, and threw my lot in with the Early Birds. It's a different way of being for me, but I think it will prove ultimately better, or at least healthier. I know I missed some stuff I might have enjoyed, but people have been generous in sharing references on Twitter and by email.

So I'm glad I ignored my cold-feet and went.
Tags: lush, mental health, recovery, trying new things, words

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