Joy (cithra) wrote,

Feeling sorry for the dog...

The one in the phrase "sicker than a dog" I mean. I tried another walk to the library yesterday and slept 12 hours afterwards. I feel substantially better, and my cough is much reduced, but I have no energy, still. I am going to be setting multiple alarms for tomorrow morning to ensure I get up, out the door and on the bus in time for my pshrink appointment.

I've been reading books (as listed on Goodreads) mostly, and sleeping. I did two loads of laundry yesterday as well, which was in all honesty a major accomplishment.

It's interesting to me how this fatigue differs in quality or feeling from the fatigue I get with my depression. With this, I feel like I can do things, then find I simply can't, or else I can but then I fall asleep for half a day. With the depression, there is a sense of futility along with the exhaustion that means I am actually better aware of my physical capability. That's an odd idea of itself, but I have dealt with depression long enough to be better at planning what kind of slack I need to physically and mentally cut myself to get the absolute necessary things done. When I am just physically sick I tend to think I can do more than I am actually able.

I live, I learn. It's what I stick around for, in the main.
Tags: illness, mental health, sleep

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