Joy (cithra) wrote,

with mourning comes paperwork

Three huge envelopes, thick with paperwork, arrived in yesterday's mail for me, in regards to my mother's estate. Now I have to figure out what a surety bond is, as the stock company wants one posted before they will transfer the shares my mother had to new ownership. It's a not-inconsiderable sum; three digits (which is about two more than seems fair, but I'm stingy beast when it comes to corporations) and about a third of the monies currently left in the 'estate' account. Not sure at what percentage it relates to value of the stock in question.
Financial matters - I have, in the past, found them both boring and stressful, which is how I have never managed to pick up much in the way of knowledge thereunto. But I have this nagging terror that I need to pay attention otherwise I will suddenly find myself liable for even more debt, sneaking up out of nowhere.

If you post a bond, does that money ever come back? Or does it just disappear into the ether, draining away with a dozen other usurious fees and charges into the black hole gravity well of "them what has, gets"?

Sigh. To the Google, I suppose. Bring on the coffee, I'm going to need it.
Tags: death, estate, mental health

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