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I can get LJ's interface to display properly if I open it in an Incognito window in Chrome. Which apparently means I have some extension enabled in Chrome proper that is destroying the layout. Same thing happens when I try to read an article on the NYT website, so I go there Incognito as well. I am probably the only one who thinks this is hilarious, but I do.

I have been using 750words for about a week, and really loving it. It's why I'm posting this entry - just the habit of writing makes me want to write more, so it's great that way. I doubt I will ever abandon my Moleskines but I will certainly adopt new tools when they present themselves as helpful. It's an online place to do the 3 Morning Pages from the Artist's Way. I worked thru the book a few years back and found it helpful, but I'm finding that doing the writing online and the daily reminder emails are really good tools.

Liking the new MacBook Pro, playing Diablo 3, herding cats. ::shrug:: I promised an over-examined life, not an interesting one... I know I've been falling down on the job, but I'm pleased to be feeling more like writing here again.

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