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Went to the Clarion reading, per my threat. Managed to escape to the cafe after only spending $50 on books (vs. the posited $200) - I wanted a copy of Crow Road but had to content myself with Espedair Street. I'm about half way through it - it's short, I'm a fast reader. Also picked up a nice 2 volume edition of Gene Wolfe's Book of the Long Sun novel series. Gene Wolfe holds a special place in my heart, as he is one of the few authors who uses words I have to look up in the dictionary.

Saw all sorts of people: people whose names I don't know, but know from rubbing elbows at SF events; people whose names I've forgotten, because I'm masterful at that; people whose names I can actually manage to remember. Marci Malinowicz and Michael Scanlon and rimrunner and rwx...

Then I dashed off to get to the pool before it closed. I forget how pleasantly meditative the breast stroke can be. Tonight was Lock Yourself Out of the Hotel night, apparently. All sorts of people were doing it, and there was nothing I could do for any of them.

Now I must decide between finishing the Iain Banks book and going to sleep...

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