Joy (cithra) wrote,

pleased with myself

My Valentine's Day Dash stats:

Joy Ralph
bib number: 1049
age: 45
gender: F
location: Seattle, WA
overall place: 2312 out of 2360
division place: 320 out of 330
gender place: 1553 out of 1589
time: 59:55
pace: 19:20
gun time: 1:02:28

Not last this year!! Hurrah! Not to mention that according to Endomondo it's 2.1 miles from my doorstep to the start line, so I walked an additional 4.2 miles in addition to the 5k/3.1 miles of the race itself. No wonder my hip is grousing at me to go take an aspirin!
Tags: 5k, exercise, walking

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