Joy (cithra) wrote,

where my head is; where my body follows

Wakeful at 2am then slept thru most of the morning after getting up for several hours around 6am, my goal time for waking up. I'm about to attempt to haul myself out for a walk to the grocery store. I am luring myself with the promise of chocolate, and coffee at Wayward Coffeehouse, which is on the way to the store.

I'm reading Jane Eyre on my phone - yay free classics! - and I have two versions. One on the Kindle app, and one via Google Books. The Gbooks one is a scan of an 1885 edition, but as much as I love the old print, the Kindle version is much easier to read. It's another of those books I thought I'd read, and am culturally familiar with the story, but it turns out that this is my first encounter with the unabridged version. I grew up in a house with a number of Reader's Digest Condensed volumes, and since I grew up reading everything I could get my paws on, I read those too. And I do have to come down on the side of 'better to read abridgments than not to read at all' in the hope that other people were led, like I was, to eventually seek out the original uncut versions.

I'm off the citalopram completely and taking generic prozac for several days now. I notice a few more muscle twitches but I'm hoping they will subside. My mood seems stable, and I've thought about alcohol very little, and with a marked lack of interest. Which is exactly where I want to be, so hooray. My pshrink has given me a couple of leads on some alternative support groups, but I haven't done much to check them out simply because my mind has been on other things.

Ok, time to get moving before the warmth and the melted cats convince me it's time for MOAR NAPZ, PLZ.
Tags: mental health, misc, recovery, sleep

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