Joy (cithra) wrote,

forward into the past

I'd be a lot more of an early adopter if I had more means; lacking same I've put up with a not-dumb-but-not-smart phone for a while. I also didn't want to have to decide between Android and iOS. Circumstances finally conspired, or fell together, and yesterday my new HTC Droid Incredible 2 arrived via FedEx.

It's pretty and shiny (and red, so it won't get confused with my brother's) and now I get to figure out all its quirks and foibles and so forth.

I feel old, though, because while I'm excited, and I'm enjoying playing with it, some of the zing is missing. Is it gone, or simply masked by other things going on in my life right now? I suppose I will find out.
Tags: mental health, phone, trying new things

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