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Wakeful but tired. Talked to pshrink; we may discontinue the bupropion because sleep is important and I cope better with fatigue than this weariness. I am also going back to Mirapex/pramipexole for the restless leg and probably discontinuing the hydroxyzine. So - another walk to the pharmacy this afternoon.

On the side of the bright, however, that trip takes me past the new digs of the Wayward Coffeehouse so I plan to stop in and check things out. They just opened in Roosevelt after moving from Greenwood where their place was fire-damaged last year. So happy phoenix-ness! I now have an embarrassment of coffee shops in my area to choose from when dispensing my patronage. I'll just have to rotate on different days of the week, or something.

Watched Sex and Death 101 last night at faintheart's behest. A 'sex comedy' I actually liked and enjoyed: o rara avis. Simon Baker is brilliantly cast, as is Winona Ryder, but I think Mindy Cohn's character is my favorite. I may be a touch biased, though. It's worth watching, and I'm glad Ted showed it to me.
Tags: coffee, film, meds, rls, sleep

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