Joy (cithra) wrote,

day 12, side effects and other issues

Still twitchy, and my sleep is becoming more broken. I was up at 3:30am twice this week, and though I got back to sleep both times I don't feel rested. There is a persistent minor headache floating around the back of my skull, but I suspect it may be tension-related (possibly unmasked by the naltrexone).

I'm also going to have to find myself a dentist. My old dentist left practice while I was in California, and I have put off getting a new one because of money, hassle, and old fear. I've had a broken molar for a while, and some other issues that I think may be coming to bear, and I should stop courting the psychopomp of meningitis in the form of an infection/abscess. I still don't have the money for it, but at least my insurance used to cover some dental work, so it's time I started looking into things.

I think I saw a dentist advertising a non-narcotics-based practice down in the building where my physical therapist was. She'd know how to deal with anesthesia for someone on naltrexone, I imagine - which is another huge nightmare for me, since I'm historically very difficult to anesthetize dentally. ::shudder:: With the opioids off the table, acetaminophen completely useless, and NSAIDs contraindicated as interfering with my antidepressants I'm not seeing a lot of pain relief options. Bleah.
Tags: health, meds, mental health, sleep, teeth

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