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another day - Terrafactive Armageddon

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October 30th, 2011

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06:15 am - another day
Spent much of yesterday dozing with a headache. Sharper pain than is usual, but it didn't force itself into the foreground or require medication.

Oddly enough (speaking of headache medications) my new-new pshrink (with the SA certification, still at the DBT center, to whom I switched last month because she does counseling as well as meds management AND is contracted with my insurance as a preferred (and thus paid-for) provider) was unaware of the NSAID conflict with antidepressants. (Link noted here in part so I remember to give her the reference.)

The atomic clock once again reset itself to standard time. I love my accurately automatically updating computer clocks, but this one is old enough that it chokes on the congressionally-revamped date changes.

Muscle twitches are still annoying me, and making it hard to sit still. Appetite still meh. Skin still easily inflamed and broken out and itchy, which helps not the fidgets.


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