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I'm not very good at community, I feel sometimes. I often come across as aloof when I first meet people, I know - and I tend to take advantage of that.

I've been keeping an online journal via blogger for a few months now, but I find the interface somewhat touchy. This seems much smoother, particularly with the local client. On the other hand, I don't quite know how I feel about the comments ability here. Makes me feel like I've started or something. Having kept a paper journal for years, particularly one that at times I have been reluctant to share, makes this seem a little ...odd. The blogger is much more like my offline volumes. I don't necessarily LIKE the idea of entertaining comments on what I have to say...

So, in parallel with my tendency to be writing in more than one notebook at a time, I've been sucked into trying out the LiveJounal Experience, and will see how it compares. I put out a lot of words, at times, but I can't imagine having enough words to fill a paper journal AND a blog AND a livejournal. Egad.

But I do like the 'mood' buttons (sorry Lisa I stole the same scheme you use, they are too cute these kittons) and so forth.

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