Joy (cithra) wrote,

day 4: fifty different words for fatigue

I mentioned on G+ that one of the interesting things about the current round of meds adjustment is learning all the different nuances of feeling tired. The fatigue from the citalopram is qualitatively different from the fatigue caused by the naltrexone, though I am hard-pressed to describe the differences cogently and concretely. It feel like they localize differently? One is more muscle-based and the other more cognitive? One makes it hard to stay awake, the other is more of an insomnia-like purgatory of being too tired to do anything including sleep. There may be a tension/anxiety component to the latter, where it's a case of tired but unable to relax enough to actually slip into sleep. Like I say, nuances.

I suppose it's like anything you get close to or delve into - there are details most people skim over or never have to encounter, examine, or inquire about. I find myself reaching into my coffee- or wine-tasting vocabulary, thinking of the various 'notes' of my fatigue/lethargy/weariness. Its volume, density, duration and lingering aftertaste.

In terms of other side effects, I'm definitely having aches and pains, but it is hard to differentiate them from normal. In a way they feel a little rawer, for lack of a term; they feel more immediate. Aspirin helps. I'm getting some muscle twitches and mild stiffness/soreness; I stretch like the cats every time I stand up. I may get motivated to actually take a yoga class if this keeps up. Mild nausea at bed-time which seems unrelated to anything I consume (or don't) so I'm wondering if it's the naltrexone clearing from my bloodstream (~13 hours from dosing would be about right) so I'll keep an eye on it as the dosage increases.

I've nodded off over the keyboard twice now, fwiw. Going to lie down with the cats for a bit.
Tags: meds, notes to self

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