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day 3 side effects litany

Headache and fatigue, and strange dreams. Muscle stiffness and aches. A little nausea yesterday, some gas cramping last night right before I went to bed. (Noting this also because if I don't keep count here I'll forget how many days I've been taking what. We are easing in, six days at half-a-pill, then an increase to the full dose.)

I realize that posting this stuff as public is possibly problematic, but I'm sure anyone who would fail to hire/insure/interact with me on the basis of something a search turned up would find plenty of reasons to shun me IRL. Plus we probably wouldn't be a good fit anyway, and I need to spend my few introverted low-energy units-of-focus more wisely than to waste them on people already going out of their way to find excuses to discard me from consideration. If that sounds overly cranky, I've already not-gotten jobs for being the wrong size, genital or marital configuration, so I'm allowed.

(By all the stars and the void that spawned us, and granting that I've never given birth, the most painful thing I've ever experienced in my life is the post-gastric bypass gas pains I occasionally get. First time I got them I thought heart attack except it was in the wrong place, but it's full-on can't-breathe, curl-up-in-a-ball craziness. Thankfully simethicone works quickly/effectively for me.)
Tags: introversion, meds, pain

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