Joy (cithra) wrote,

day 2 side effects report

Yesterday I was sleepy; today I feel a little agitated, but also sleepy. Yes, both drowsiness and wakefulness are possible side effects from naltrexone, but I really wasn't expecting that to mean I would have them both rather than one-or-the-other. The things you learn from twiddling with neurochemicals! Too much fun.

For some good news, I returned some library books this morning that I thought were due yesterday only to find they were actually due tomorrow. A couple of fines nicely dodged as well as a short pleasant walk in blustery weather made the morning.

Sadly an old side effect has resurfaced - I blame the bupropion, but there are other possible culprits - making my skin itchy, inflamed, and prone to breaking out. Idiopathic dermatitis rides again! Time to hunt up the antibiotic cream prescriptions and get some refills, along with going back to sleeping in gloves (so I prevent my tendency to scratch in my sleep).

I've wondered about the idiom "it's no skin off my nose" at times in the past, but alas am no closer to enlightenment, even though it quite clearly is skin off my nose at this point, and a fair chunk of it. Language is a map, and the map is not the territory, eh?
Tags: meds, mental health, walking, weather

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