Joy (cithra) wrote,

better living thru chemistry, n + 1

My pshrink wants me to try naltrexone*, an opiate blocker that also seems to help manage alcohol cravings. When I arrived to collect it yesterday, of course the pharmacy didn't have it in stock - my new normal is to have to wait a day or two for scrips while the pharmacy orders in whatever arcane potion or compound we are trying next.

That sounds more cranky than I feel, I am just fatigued today and having trouble dragging myself back out of the house for the mile round-trip walk to the retail complex. I took a nap and the sun faded away...

I'll live, and I'm sure I'll feel better with the quest completed. So off I go.

*This is serious stuff. I get a card to carry in my wallet to notify first responders in case of accident that it's pointless to give morphine and the like for pain. But I'm told it doesn't block natural endorphins, and won't increase my overall aches-and-pains level. I guess we will see.

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