Joy (cithra) wrote,

the late report

Last weekend I went to GeekGirlCon on Saturday. I got to briefly see celyn100 (plus her daughter and daughter's friend), Greg Rucka and Jane Espenson, all of whom are my heros. (Seriously, o harp-twanging tenured mega-babe. ::smile:: You inspire me, up close and personal.) It was a great experience, if too short.

The Oral History Live! program talk with Espenson was fantastic. (Many thanks to Alex Piper who made it possible for me to attend.) Seriously, if you look at the writing credits for shows I enjoy, she has written for the majority: Torchwood, Eureka, Warehouse 13... She also enjoys watching Amazing Race and Project Runway (my guilty pleasures). She was delightful, energetic, generous. Her new webseries Husbands is fabulous.

I meant to go back to the con on Sunday, but as I was getting ready my apartment manager knocked on my door and asked a favor. A driver had called her and would be delivering a car belonging to a future tenant In 40 minutes, and she had an appointment to keep. Could I sign for the car and hang onto the keys until that evening? I said sure, since she's had my back and fed my cats a couple of times. Plus 40 minutes was about how long it would take me to finish getting ready to leave for the con. No problem.

Except the car was delivered some FIVE HOURS later. Sigh. By then, with the Sunday bus schedule, I would arrive at the con as things were winding up. So I missed the second day of the con entirely, but collected some major karma points.

The rest of the intervening week was much less exciting, most involving being sat on by cats. It's a life.

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