Joy (cithra) wrote,

meds and money

Changing my medication form from tablet to liquid increases the price for me from $0.94 to $37.71 - same dosage, same generic formulation, just a phase change in hopes for better absorption. If I didn't have insurance I'd be paying $264.49 for a month's worth of the stuff.

But I got a mile walk out of it, and I saw a guy with a propane tank flame-thrower. And was reminded that part of why I like shopping for groceries online is that people don't stand outside the website and hit me up for resources I don't have (money, the energy to talk to them).

Now I'm going to (re)read American Gods in the tenth anniversary edition (thanks for the gift shelly_rae!!) and eat chocolate until the sun shines in an effort to de-grump.
Tags: introversion, mental health

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