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exempli gratia - Terrafactive Armageddon

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July 3rd, 2011

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05:46 pm - exempli gratia
Today is a perfect example of how my depression operates. My mood is down, for no particular reason. There's sun, cats and coffee, all of which usually cheer me up, but not today. I have accomplished planned and unplanned household tasks. I have thought thoughts of all varieties, including how things could be worse, and how I would prefer things to be better. I have taken analgesics to assuage (or try to mitigate) my aches, with marginal success. I have attempted gratitude, willingness, self-distraction, noodling about on the internet, writing in my journal, and various other spiritual and mental gymnastics. Also lunch. Nothing has helped today's prevailing unhappiness.

So, back to the waiting for the/a future point where things will get/feel better. I know that tomorrow will be busier, certainly, which is preferred from the aspect of broadening the range for possible changes of mood or circumstance. After all, in the traditional myth hope was in the bottom of the bin, yes?

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