Joy (cithra) wrote,

things I fergot to mention back up thar

Other stuff that's happened that was cool:

Went to the EMP/SFM (which I guess is now titularly just the EMP? Huh? Okay, SF is an experience, sure...) to meet up with mykque01, dangerdaisy, jjuggler and grouchychris. It was great to see them all and catch up. Finally got to see the Battlestar Galactica exhibit, which had been On The List for a while, as well as the Avatar exhibit and the Nirvana exhibit. All three were cool, and it was nice to see the Bellingham music scene acknowledged in the latter. Brought back memories, as I was on the fringe of the fringe there, for a while. Another life.

Was granted last minute access to see Neil Gaiman read and be interviewed at Town Hall. One of the selections he read was my absolute favorite section of the book, Sam's speech about believing impossible things. Also got to see a number of friends in the audience, and to think I saw friends in the audience who weren't actually there. Heh. Molly Lewis opened the evening with a ukulele serenade, as well, for a delightful surprise.

And! I finally got my act together to sit down and watch Moon. Absolutely brilliant, as expected. Full of lovely little touches. I hadn't realized/managed to remember Kevin Spacey was involved; his casting is spot-on. Stellar example of how to show-not-tell, and how not to over-explain a mysterious/eerie situation. I was not disappointed.
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