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I've been meaning an LJ post for several weeks now, but our internet has been up and down. Mostly down when I remember 'oh yeah, I wazgonnapost'. First we thought it was Comcast, then our router, then Comcast again. It is, of course, annoying in any case.

So, of what I can remember thinking about saying something about: the highlights according to whatever random firing of neurons happens to be operant at the moment. YMWV.

Liver enzyme tests returned normal; protein and iron levels low, but also within normative range. The fatigue is bothering me marginally less as time passes. My mood is still up and down, but some of that comes from greater awareness of the swings rather than actual increased volatility.

Money is still tight, but my application for student loan forbearance was accepted. So the $160 from that will now go for one therapy session a month. Not sure where the money for the other will come from, though I think that the insurance reimbursement will almost cover it; we will see in a month or two when that process grinds its way to that point.

[So easy to want to throw up my hands and give in to the idea that if my life were actually worth anything there would be some material evidence to that fact.]

Saw an amazing film called Sound of Noise at SIFF thanks to the generosity of shelly_rae, who gave me a ticket. Music for a City and Six Drummers! It's a kind of creativity and scope I find myself in awe of, and full of delight.

Ted and I participated in the Challenge Nation event last Saturday. We didn't finish all 12 checkpoints, but we showed up and had fun. I got dizzy part-way through, and take responsibility for our dropping out; I blame fatigue/medication side-effects.

Still catching up on movies and TV most of the rest of the universe has already seen, like Lost, and the IT Crowd.

That's it for now...
Tags: dbt, exercise, meds, mental health, money, sf tv

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