Joy (cithra) wrote,

May June smile more kindly

Internet flakiness over the weekend meant I missed doing a couple of things I might have done if I'd got the memo, but that's ok. My brother and I did get down to Crypticon, which was interesting, intimate, and (for what I saw) focused on independent media. Splatter isn't my thing, but the event did have a pleasant and engaging by-the-fervid-for-the-fervid feel. Got to see local make-up & SFX artist Marcel Banks (of SyFy's Face-Off fame) on several panels, which was the highlight for me, but also enjoyed wandering around a convention where there was little or no class distinction made between, say, pros and fans. Seemed like everyone was both, to a degree.

We also continued catching up on 'movies we meant to see' on cable, including Prince of Persia, and Soderbergh's remake of Solaris. I have decided that at the current rate of viewing I really only need to subscribe to premium cable once a decade or so for about a year. Doing that apparently gives me time to see all the things I meant to catch in the theater but didn't motivate to pay $10 for; then I can drop the subscription for another chunk of time. I'm clearly not the target market, but what else is new. As a bonus, though, we have Starz for when the new Torchwood is broadcast. Whee!

Tomorrow is the Day of the Doctors, so I'm both booked up and off-site all morning. Also rent, bills, and a new month. Maybe some sun? Maybe.

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