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April 16th, 2011

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02:05 pm - up to, here
What I've been doing, mostly:
  • running/jogging/walking (My instructor calls it jogging, so I call it jogging. It's hard to call it running when walkers manage to pass me. Though I did actually pass someone in return for the first time on Thursday. That's not the goal, though.)
  • reading (Mostly YA books, at the moment, and The Autobiography of Mark Twain, which volume is Bigger Than My Head, but very fragmented.)
  • cat stuff (Petting, feeding, litter-box maintenance, cruelly refusing to allow free-range frolicking in the hallway or outdoors.)
  • providing random photographic evidence of the above (Usually on twitpic or Facebook, via my cellphone, which often takes better pictures than I expect, except when it doesn't. Heh.)
Hey, I never promised over-examined would equal exciting. Sometimes it's better that way.

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