Joy (cithra) wrote,

pushing myself

In a few minutes I head off to the first session of my Couch to 5K class. I am nervous. I am doing my best to follow the directions in the email I got, about what to wear/bring and so forth. I hope my outdoor-hat-with-brim will be ok, since I don't have a baseball cap. I hope my walking shoes will be ok for this first day because I can't get actual running (or more likely, cross-training) shoes until after I get paid tomorrow. Gah. I'm excellent at following instructions, but that's because I'm also OCD about following instructions, and different instruction sets have different amounts of leeway built into them that isn't always initially obvious. (At least, not to me.)

I'm sure it will be fine. I probably won't be the best or worst prepared, but even if I am, the nature of the curve is such that someone has to occupy the last spot - so be it. Today's goal: showing up. Not puking. But I'll accept just showing up and call that a success.

I am so not the person I was in high school, who swore I'd never take another exercise class after dragging myself thru PE hell. I can, for example, imagine this being fun. I hope I'm not disappointed, but this is also about making a plan and executing it.

Even if the plan is just: show up.
Tags: exercise, health, introversion, mental health

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