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Over on Facebook* I find myself censoring myself these days wrt place names and locales and businesses I post about, in response to the idea that I might find my image and mention hijacked into ads served up on my friends pages. I'm torn because while I like to additionally support the places I go and businesses I patronize by mentioning them to others who might enjoy them, I'm ornery enough to want to control that support and where/when/how and how often it appears. I expect I'm putting an overly fine point on the matter, as when I compare the idea with the site sharing what I've 'liked' by clicking the like-button I am at a bit of a loss to the difference; they are both endorsements. But clicking the button somehow comes with the added expectation that the endorsement might be repeated, while the mention (which is possibly the stronger endorsement, taking more of an effort to produce) strikes me as an instance where I should have control over its repetition. Anyway, there it is. I'm usually quite happy to share my opinions, especially if asked.

*where this post will eventually find itself noted
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