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even just a little competence can help - Terrafactive Armageddon

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February 6th, 2011

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08:53 pm - even just a little competence can help
I'm feeling much better now. In large part because I managed to get the glass that had fallen into and become stuck in the garbage disposal out, without breakage and all-by-myself. Really, the glass and the sink just had to cool down enough to contract and not be the exact perfect fit for each other... I lifted it out easily a few moments ago. But when it first got stuck, and I couldn't get it out, or get the the water to drain from the sink, it was more than I could deal with.

So I let it sit, and things cooled down, and the water drained, and all is now well. And I feel so much better, and so much more competent, and it was such a little thing. What fun this mental illness thing is! Yeah, being retired on disability is great.

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