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Listen and hear, o best beloved, for tonight it behoves me to name the names of the Great Houses:

Mythos, which became Old Mythos
Mythos (New Mythos) and Mythos II
Holly House
the Cape
the blister
the Buffalo Wallow
High Street House (where many acts, speakable and un, were undertaken)
the Aerie (I - wherein occurred the Debauchery)
Down Under
Bridge House (of the Great Purge and the Great Burning)
Disco House
the Warren
the Menagerie
the love nest
the Aerie (II)
Kate House
Gamin' House
Goth House
the Gutter
the farm
AnArchy House
the Garden house (with the Slavs of Color)
the Boneyard
the Zoo
Suburbia (in exile)
Slack Pad
Lame' Guy House/Red Door
the Wasteland
the Labyrinth

Others there were, which have passed out of memory. For it is the doom of men to forget.

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