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Always good to know: my opinion of what I read doesn't count if I'm not actually buying the book.

Kristen Lamb in her guest article on Genreality, discussing writers and various social media:
For example, I was asked about how I felt about Goodreads. Goodreads is a site where people share what they have read, get recommendations about what to read, etc. A cool site and, if, you have the time, sally forth. But let’s get perspective. Great. A bazillion people put you in their “To Read List.” Okay, cool. Doesn’t mean a thing until they purchase a book.

If I am generous in my reading, I could force an interpretation that she is criticizing the site set-up for its ease of use (er... well, I did say force). But to me this comes across as "don't waste your time on those who just want to READ your books: spend your time on sites where the return-on-investment will result in people BUYING."

This strikes me as unutterably rude, as well as somewhat confused. But I'm also old-school enough to think that it's the writing that is important, not all the tap-dancing and self-branding and sell-sell-sell that seems to be a large chunk of modern authorship.

Still, it's good to learn what I don't need to worry about reading. There's plenty more on my to-read list.

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