Joy (cithra) wrote,

feeling virtuous

Went out and got cat food before dawn; was back by 7:30am. Which is slightly less virtuous in the light of having to go this morning by dint of not going yesterday afternoon. Although, since the reason I didn't go was I completed a full circuit around Greenlake for my daily walk before realizing I needed MOAR FUUD for the STARVINGEST KITTEHS EVAR and then not wanting to go out again, maybe the scales are at least a little balanced.

I let things get to such a deplorable state by waiting too long for the call that my service-desk ordered cases of food had arrived, to no avail. Research upon physical arrival at the store proved the order had never been placed, so they gave me the discount anyway & resubmitted the order.

The cats didn't really have to wait that much longer than normal to eat, no matter what they say. They got dinner last night as normal, after all. And I went out before even making myself coffee...
Tags: cat, walking

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