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snowpocalypse; catpocolypse - Terrafactive Armageddon

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November 21st, 2010

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08:45 am - snowpocalypse; catpocolypse
Playing with the NOAA maps I find our place is just on the border where the altitude moves the forecast from mixed snow & rain to snow. Since crossing the street to either the north or the east means starting to go uphill, I'm not too surprised. It's kind of cool to be right on the line, though. Micro-climates, hurrah!

The cats have progressed to playing together, sort of: right now they are both making mad-matador dashes across the room and down the hall past each other. Not hissing, or even really interacting overly much - just tearing up and down the longest stretch of the apartment (which is not so very long, actually) then pausing to sit in cat-loaf and carefully not quite look at each other. This morning they both came in to sleep on me for a while, at the same time, without much fuss - so the colder weather has at least one advantage to it.

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