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A few moves back I got rid of my old particleboard computer desk, because it was breaking down and didn't look to survive another move. I had gotten it used from a friend and it had served a long and useful life with them before coming to me, so I can't feel bad as I got more use than expected out of it.

However, since then I have yet to come up with a happy replacement. I currently use a small lap-table, on the TV-tray model but with the legs arranged so that you can pull it closer in than your standard TV-tray, so that ideally the table is over your lap. This works better and worse with various models of chair and the couch, and until lately seemed like a reasonable solution.

Then came NaNoWriMo, and I am feeling it. Now, I know what to do (and usually do it) in terms of taking rest breaks and getting up/walking around and shifting position, etc. But it's another useful thing to have learned from this year's attempt that I need, if I'm going to be doing steady daily several-thousand-word chunks of writing on a keyboard, a better desk set-up.

Where that will go is hard to guess, but we are still arranging the apartment, furniture-wise, so there are options. Including a computer desk in storage in Bellevue, though it is rather larger than I really need (or have room for). A definite need I have is a good office chair; my old fave disappeared while I was living in California, and I can't honestly complain, since I had included it in the list of things that could be given away as I thought at the time my move there was more permanent. So it goes.

Anyway, even if the novel isn't much at the end of all this, like I said before I'm learning useful things about process.
Tags: health, nanowrimo, words

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