Joy (cithra) wrote,

time, its vagaries

I was castigating the cat this morning for trying to get me up to feed her an hour early, 5:30am by my phone. However, when I got up and into the kitchen I discovered the fault was mine, as I had forgotten to set the cat back to standard time before going to bed last night.

She (whom I fed) and the microwave (which I reprogrammed) were both an hour off. Or rather I, and my phone had 'fallen back' automatically. Honestly, the cat is the best timepiece in the house, in the absolute sense, since she is the least disturbed by human measurements and tinkering. I am reminded of my grandfather's reported complaint that the cows still wanted to be milked at the same time, regardless of daylight savings or not...

Well, if I'm getting up an 'extra' hour early to feed Lucy, I can use it to write. Worked this morning at least!
Tags: cat, nanowrimo, sleep

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